Criminal defence investigation cases often involve the liberty of an individual, but a carefully planned and proper defence investigation in a criminal case can lead to favourable results. Ocean Legal will concentrate on developing evidence, which may be sufficient for an acquittal or at least create reasonable and sufficient doubt among the juror’s as to the client’s guilt. The defence investigation may also show that the client’s rights were violated or that proper procedures were not followed.

In the case that the client is pleading guilty to some of the charges but not to others, we can provide a tailored investigation to ensure sufficient evidence is available to support the client’s plea.

Ocean Legal’s Investigators are well aware of the need for thorough investigation in relation to Criminal matters and have many years experience performing various task including full defence investigations and Locus reports in respect of different types of incident, including Murder, Supply and importation of drugs, road traffic accidents, serious assaults and allegations of rape etc.

We also provide Video and photographic evidence, interviewing and statement taking.

We offer a full defence service and The skills obtained over many years have proved useful in working with Criminal Defence Lawyers on many high profile cases over the years including cases in Pakistan and South America.


Ocean Legal are professional and experienced and cover all types of instructions including asset & debt recovery, repossession, process serving, fraud investigation, field visits including counselling, Pre eviction reports and much more.

Often the injuries that are sustained as a result of an accident can be exaggerated and the way and manner in which the injuries were sustained is not always correctly reported and not recorded accurately.

We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of injury claims. With proven ability to carry out the relevant investigations, identify the circumstance under which the injuries were sustained and obtain corroborating evidence.

Carrying out surveillance on the injured person to determine the scale of injuries received.

Claims are sometimes made by the Claimant that they are unable to carry out certain activities as a result of injuries received, Our surveillance teams often provides evidence to the contrary. This evidence is also presented in a format which is acceptable in Criminal Courts, Disciplinary Tribunals. All our operatives are experienced in attending court and giving this evidence.


On many occasions when someone calls a Detective Agency, it will be for the very first time. Ocean Legal are aware of this and we will listen carefully to your situation and give you the appropriate advice taking into consideration the sensitive nature of the call.

Think your partner is cheating? Worried you’re Wife or Husband may be having an affair? Our trained surveillance agents can find out information about your partner that may help you find out the truth supported by video and or photographic evidence.

Our investigators are trained to carry out complicated cases, which often involve Skilled Detective techniques to solve a case successfully and legally.