process serving

We have a network of agents who can serve any form of process, at anytime, anywhere in the United Kingdom and most countries around the world.

The vast majority of our work is on a fixed-fee basis. We will not walk away without using every acceptable method of trying to locate the individual or company and complete the serve.

We will keep the client updated on occasions where service is proving difficult, for whatever reason, the client will be notified of any additional costs that are likely to be incurred.

Our process servers are trained to serve legal documents in cases of high risk, we will complete a full risk assessment.

missing persons

Missing persons may include people who have decided to break with their family or a debtor that disappears suddenly we carry out research with sensitivity.

If you need to find a person or information about them, we offer a completely confidential service, from finding missing persons or debtors; we offer a discreet and professional service.

Tracing people can involve much more than just searching data bases.

Our experienced trace personal will fully assess the information supplied in order to best try and locate where the subject is currently located.

We offer a No Trace No Fee service.

Please note: Ocean Legal will only take on trace enquires, which they consider are appropriate and we will therefore need to be satisfied as to the INTEGRITY of every enquiry.

asset & debt recovery

  • Repossession
  • Process service
  • Fraud investigation
  • Field counselling
    • Pre Eviction Reports          
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Collection of 'non runners'
  • Accident damage & keyless vehicles
  • Fully insured compound available for storage
  • Innocent Purchaser Reports

    Ocean Legal offer a professional and experienced debt and asset recovery service.

    Criminals and debtors do not leave their ill-gotten gains available for confiscation, Ocean Legal have vast experience in the tracing and repatriation of assets which have been hidden in the UK and overseas including motor vehicles, motor homes, motor cycles, yacht’s, boats and caravans. The services provided are completely confidential.

    We cover all types of instructions including asset & debt recovery, repossession, process serving, fraud investigation, field councelling and much more.

    We utlise a variety of recovery vehicles and equipment for the collection of 'non-runners', accident damaged and keyless vehicles etc.;a fully insured secure compound is available for storage.

    If your requirement is a doorstep visit to gather infomation or simply put you back in touch with your customer, we can complete a full fact find and income and expenditure. We have a network of agents that cover the UK;we can commence most of our client's instructions within 48 hours of receipt.

    Feedback comment from a Nationwide BS customer we visited.

    “Showed empathy and understanding with regards to my financial situation. With his advice I hope to

    move into a better future financially”.

    pre eviction reports

    Ocean Legal provide a service to mortgage lenders who due to arrears or other breach of mortgage conditions, have secured a possession order and are considering enforcement.
    One of our Field Agents will visit the borrowers in their own home and compile a report on their circumstances, which will include a full income and expenditure analysis and any proposal the borrowers are able to offer.
    We also identify any difficulties the Lender may experience in securing possession, reporting on access problems and the presence of children, tenants and animals. Should repossession appear inevitable to our Field Agent, they will explain to the borrower what happens next and talk to them about seeking alternative accomodation. In cases where a shortfall after sale appears likely, we will remind the borrowers of their obligations and try to obtain forwarding addresses and if instructed, proposals for the repayment of any shortfall.

    Trace ENquires

    Tracing is a highly specialised and skilled activity which has to be undertaken with due regard to the Data Protection Act 1998.

    Our team of expert tracers are fully trained, reliable and highly experienced. They are committed to leave no stone unturned in an effort to locate absconded debtors and missing persons.

    We offer a No Trace No Fee service.